Valentina De Palma chef architect food blogger Apulia Italy London Architect, food-blogger, mother, wife and…chef for passion!

Passion for food and everything related to. Valentina De Palma loves cooking and, most of all, she loves the possibility of transforming each ingredient in a proof of love and a genuine pleasure. Both when using the typical products of her region, and spices from the other side of the world, the very distintive feature of her cooking is fusion. Her recipes are always a combination of tradition and exoticism, of simple conception and complex tastes, of aesthetic sense and ease of execution.

She’s famous for her natural aptitude for communication and teaching: tanks to cooking classes, cooking shows and television programs, her art has no secrets.

Starred Chef Igles Corelli’s favourite, she studied in London with Jamie Oliver at the prestigious “Cordon Bleu School”.